2017 Colorado Guitar Show---Another Smash Hit!

Posted by Jim Black on 6/25/2017 to Announcements

Another fantastic guitar show! Wow, where to start? So many cool things went on this year.

Thanks to all my friends that stopped by the booth and had a chance to talk tone!

Duane and Charlene Evarts did another fantastic job organizing the show. They really take care of the attendees and the vendors. A Hagstrom guitar was given away. Each attendee had a chance at spinning the wheel to win a prize, such as, d'addario strings, tee shirts and guitar player hand lotion. Folks were also treated to a great collection of fantastic instruments from all over the front range and beyond.

Jim Black and Duane Evarts

Jim Black and Duane Evarts yuckin' it up for the camera. I'm really grateful for the Guitar Show because it gives me an opportunity to see so many folks all in one place. Interest in RetroTone® goes up every time Duane distributes the Guitar Show magazine. Thanks Duane!

FriendsWe have a new builder in town! We had the opportunity to meet Chad and his lovely wife. Chad decided to take the plunge into pedal building with a RetroTone® SuperFly They just moved to the front range from Kansas and we are glad to have them in town. Bob Ripley came by and expressed his desire for the Systech Harmonic Energizer. Mitch Chmara came by and said hello. Mitch is one of the best players in the front range and has worked in and out of town for may years. It was great to meet him again. Paul came by the booth and picked up a Superfly kit too. He is ready to start saving some cash and start working with some vintage tone.

The votes are in! We brought the famous Systech Harmonic Energizer used by Frank Zappa and folks showed enough interest that this kit will go into production this fall. You can hear the Systech Harmonic Energizer at work on the album version of Frank Zappa's Po-Jama People on the "One Size Fits All" album.



We also had a tremolo shoot out at the show. Eric Gray brought his EA tremolo and we sized it up against the Memphis Tremolo and the Guyatone vintage. The LFO on the Memphis is cool because it completely shuts off the signal. The shape approaches a square wave at the highest intensity and a sine at the lowest. The EA tremolo has a nice clarity that people appreciated. The Guyatone's oscillator has a very wide speed range that can get interesting.


Lot's of folks attended this year and as always, the selection of instruments was amazing.

If we didn't see you this year maybe we'll see you next year!

Colorado Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Expo
Saturday, June 24th. 2017; 10:00am - 4:00pm
Lutheran High School, 11249 Newlin Gulch Blvd., Parker, CO

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