2017 Colorado Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Expo

Posted by Jim Black on 5/30/2017 to Announcements

Time flies when you are having fun. We are just about ready for the next Colorado guitar show. We will display some vintage pedals for you to try out as we take votes for our next set of kits.

Ampeg Scrambler

We have a new kit based on this Ampeg Scrambler. This 1960s reissue comes with all the noise and grind for guitar players as well as the bass players in the crowd.



We have the famous Systech Harmonic Energizer used by Frank Zappa and the Systech Envelope Follower.

As well as some choice tremolo pedals from Memphis and GuyaTone.

Stop by the booth and say hello

Colorado Guitar Show & Custom Luthier Expo Saturday, June 24th. 2017; 10:00am - 4:00pm Lutheran High School, 11249 Newlin Gulch Blvd., Parker, CO



Date: 6/24/2017
Hey man, I'm looking forward to putting together the Super Fuzz clone that I got from you today! I'll make a video of the assembly process for my YouTube channel and I'll send you a link. I don't have a ton of soldering experience so it might be more of a comedy than a tutorial, but I'm gonna dig into it nontheless. Thanks, man, and I look forward to my next kit as well!

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