Articles Coming in 2015

Posted by Jim Black on 12/15/2014 to Announcements
2015 is going to be an exciting year for the Blog.
We are starting a series of articles about modifying a Fender Blues Jr to get some of the dirt out and bring some bass and mid frequencies to the party.
We show where to get the parts and how to use frequency analysis tools to verify the changes.
We walk you through a 1970's era ColorSound Fuzz-Wah restoration and modification. The owner wants a modern power jack and to turn it into a Swell-Fuzz-Wah.
We'll be thinking about what to talk about at the end of the year and welcome suggestions for topics.

Welcome to RetroTone®

Posted by Jim Black on 5/25/2014 to Announcements

Welcome to the RetroTone® online store. We bring together knowledge, skills, supplies and services for you--the pedal builder.  

We specialize in resurrecting old school effects. We do our own reverse engineering based on the original pedal.We scour the landscape for workable solutions for our parts. All the while remembering that your tone rules above all else.

Jim Black