Bare Metal 1590B
Assembled Bare Metal 1590B

Bare Metal 1590B

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Holes for 16mm, Long Tail, PCB Mount Potentiometers
No Holes
One hole, centered for 16mm Potentiometer [+$1.00]
Two holes for 16mm Potentiometer [+$2.00]
The Bare Metal 1590B kit from RetroTone® adds reliability and durability to your builds. The I/O and power jacks are pre-wired on the PCB. The Bare Metal 1590B kit eliminates wiring errors.

This kit lets you focus on the important thing about every build---your design.

This project introduces component identification, soldering skills and mechanical assembly skills. The detailed instructions are designed for builders just starting out. It presents all the essential skills to complete a successful build.

The Bare Metal 1590B kit gets you to your goal of stripboard PCB builds faster with better builds that last a lifetime through tough on-the-road abuse.

The enclosure dimensions are 2.30"W x 4.30"H x 1.06"D
The hole pattern across the top of the PCB is designed for 16mm long tail PCB mount potentiometers.

21 by 11 Plated through-hole grid   2.1mm Center Ground DC Input Jack
10 mil traces9VDC – 18VDC Input DC Supply filtering
1 oz copperLED indicator
FR4 quality printed circuit board Reverse polarity protection
Switched DC Power for Input/Battery    

Please Note: The Bare Metal 1590B does not come with any potentiometer holes. You must specify what you need. See the image gallery for standard patterns

Custom configurations are by request. Please send an email to [email protected] for more information.
Download Bare Metal 1590B
Assembly Instructions (pdf, 2mb)

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