Colorsound Fuzz+Wah Take It Home - 10

Posted by Jim Black on 3/31/2016 to Bust Em Out

What a long road it has been to get this restoration done. Lots of twists and turns. Some very unexpected challenges. Everything is wired up and everything is working. All is well that ends well.

It is time to put this pedal through its paces and find out why certain folks prefer the Colorsound Wah over the Cry Baby. Then, I need to give it back to its owner, my buddy Greg.

Colorsound Fuzz+Wah Wire it up - 9

Posted by Jim Black on 3/11/2016 to Bust Em Out

We are on the final lap of the Colorsound Wah+Fuzz. Greg's baby turned into a major restoration and rebuild. A fair bit of analysis of the wiring revealed where most of the anomalies come from. I'm going to make some guesses about what I observed when I cracked this baby open. If you remember, I told you the wiring didn't match any of the schematics I was finding. Turns out there is a good reason.

When I took on this project, Greg and I talked about how he wanted the controls to work. Toe Switch---Engage Wah, Heal Switch---Engage Fuzz. We also thought that a adding swell (volume) feature would be cool. We never discussed if the wah is first in the chain or the fuzz is first in the chain. I never knew it, but, this who's first topic has fueled many a heated discussion.

Unwinding this puzzle allowed me to discover why this pedal sat around Greg's studio so long. We also learn a moral tale...

Colorsound Fuzz+Wah The Rabbit Hole - 8

Posted by Jim Black on 1/30/2016 to Bust Em Out
A recap of our progress so far is in order. We have traveled a lot of ground in the project and sometimes it is easy to loose track of the goal. A simple addition of an external 9VDC jack turned into a pot core inductor engineering and fabrication project. Not to mention, we still haven't addressed all the other wiring issues this pedal has. But, I digress. Check out this installment for the tools and methods used to fabricate the inductor we need to complete circuit repairs on Greg's Colorsound Fuzz+Wah.

Colorsound Wah+Fuzz Deep Dive - 7

Posted by Jim Black on 12/25/2015 to Bust Em Out

Our luck has changed. There are many resources for our hand wound pot core inductor for Greg's ColorSound Wah+Fuzz. Making our own inductor is not hard but it isn't easy either. We only need to define a few parameters in order to make a component selection. It doesn't look like it will be too expensive either. There is just one hitch. Read on to see how it all comes out...

Colorsound Wah+Fuzz New Plan - 6

Posted by Jim Black on 12/11/2015 to Bust Em Out

Disappointment permeates all things Wah+Fuzz here at RetroTone®. Our repair job on the inductor did not work so we are forced to seek another solution. Good thing we checked out all the options for inductors in Wah-Wah pedals. This article reviews where we are in the repair/rebuild process, the schematic of the color sound Wah+Fuzz and what is the most appropriate solution to get Greg's Wah+Fuzz road worthy.

Colorsound Wah+Fuzz Explore - 5

Posted by Jim Black on 11/27/2015 to Bust Em Out

This project has turned into an interesting exploration of the Wah-Wah and it's origins. While I was looking for a replacement inductor, I ran into many interesting articles and I eventually found the patent for the wah-wah. It looks like most of the wah pedals, past and present, are not only based on the original from Bradley J. Plunkett of Thomas Organ but are actually exact or near copies.

We'll talk more about the repair on the inductor in Greg's Colorsound Wah+Fuzz, the source material, the bewildering number of inductors available and some of the mojo surrounding the choices. And, the big surprise...

Colorsound Wah+Fuzz Inductor - 4

Posted by Jim Black on 11/13/2015 to Bust Em Out

The inductors in wah-wah pedals have much folklore and mojo associated with them. The Colorsound Wah+Fuzz is no exception. In fact, this pedal probably has the most mojo infused by mysterians in their belief in the supernatural inductor.

Our inductor is not in good shape. It may be salvageable with a careful soldering job. We'll take a side trip to explore some of the options for repair and examine technologies used in other wah pedals.

Read on to explore with me...

Colorsound Wah+Fuzz New Parts - 3

Posted by Jim Black on 10/30/2015 to Bust Em Out

This time we chase down some new parts and try to repair a broken inductor. The pedal has been repaired before and there has been no mods done to this pedal except the DC input that my buddy Greg never finished.

The hunt for parts takes us to Europe (OK, not me but my emails) with surprising results...

Colorsound Wah+Fuzz Closer Look - 2

Posted by Jim Black on 10/16/2015 to Bust Em Out

This time we need to round up some resources for the rebuild of this wah pedal. I need a schematic and I need some parts. I did more inspections and found that the guitar input jack is messed up pretty bad. One of the tabs is nearly gone off the body. Thank goodness we don't have to keep this pedal stock so we have some leeway on components.

I'm finding lots of material on line but the schematics are not matching what I am finding in Greg's pedal. Read on to find out what is happening...

Colorsound Wah+Fuzz Assesment - 1

Posted by Jim Black on 10/3/2015 to Bust Em Out

This series focuses on a rebuild of a colorsound wah+fuzz.

My buddy Greg wants a 9VDC input so he can put it on his pedalboard. He claims it was working. But, when I got it had no signal coming out. I tried to find a schematic. The pedal said it is a Wah+Fuzz but the circuit and the schematic do not match. This is just the beginning of the anomalies this pedal offers. Read more to find where we go with this build...

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