Colorsound Fuzz+Wah Take It Home - 10

Posted by Jim Black on 3/31/2016 to Bust Em Out

What a long road it has been to get this restoration done. Lots of twists and turns. Some very unexpected challenges. Everything is wired up and everything is working. All is well that ends well.

It is time to put this pedal through its paces and find out why certain folks prefer the Colorsound Wah over the Cry Baby. Then, I need to give it back to its owner, my buddy Greg.

The left photo is the way I got the pedal and on the right is the finished product. Ready to go home to Daddy.

Lets recap what got changed.

Installed 9VDC jack for modern pedal board use. Replaced heal and toe switches. Swapped heal and toe switch functionality. Toe switch controls wah. Heal switch controls fuzz. Hand wound replacement inductor. Rewired potentiometer for treble when treadle is rocked forward. Replaced various old brittle wires.

This pedal is rock solid and ready for the road

The photo on the right has two yellow arrows. One at the top and one at the bottom. The arrow at the bottom is pointing out the diagonal wire on the switch. This shows the switch is controlling the fuzz based on the Colorsound Wah+Fuzz schematic. The arrow at the top is pointing out another oddity about this pedal. The output jack turns power on to the pedal. Most modern pedals use the input to turn on power. This pedal was designed in the early 70s and there were no "standards" like we expect today. Just like most folks expect the toe switch to control the wah.

When I told Greg his pedal was done, I thought he was gonna jump through the roof. He immediately hooked it up and started going after it. He looks happy doesn't he? In all fairness, he is a really patient guy and gave me the time to fully explore this pedal and get it set up "The Right Way". Now he just has to find a spot for it on that gianormous pedal board. Cheers Greg. Glad you are happy with the result.

This project was really good for me. I had to take a pedal I had never heard and rebuild it to modern specs. I learned all about the history of the wah pedal and all the crazy variations created over the years. The passion that folks have for this machine is astounding. I got to hand wind an inductor and learned all about the different topologies and materials available. The real question remains. Is there Mojo in that inductor? I can assure you that there is only one Colorsound Wah+Fuzz that has an inductor like Greg's...

Check out the demo to hear the Colorsound unique wah and fuzz tone. Thanks for following this fun blog series. Keep an eye out for a new series about electronics for pedal builders. Please contact me for more information or give us some suggestions for more blogs.



Gregory Upton
Date: 5/25/2016
Hey Jim, Loving the Colorsound wah/fuzz! That sweep is forever. Thanks for your hard work and I'm so impressed that you stayed with it. Jim at RetroTone Rocks!!!
Date: 4/21/2021
Thanks for the information. I had one of these pedals around 1977, for a very short time before it got kicked and never worked again. I liked it better for bass than a Crybaby. Later used the shell & pot to control either delay time or resonance on a Boss BF-2 flanger. This blog series inspired me to unearth the old Colorsound shell. Mine was a little different in that it only had one circuit board (long gone!) with only two mounting posts for it. Also, mine has a sticker on the bottom plate that says the right-hand connector goes to the amp and the left to the instrument, but the instrument one switched the battery. With the cam mechanism, the full pedal travel is only about 130 degrees of rotation.

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