Colorsound Wah+Fuzz Closer Look - 2

Posted by Jim Black on 10/16/2015 to Bust Em Out

I'm getting the feeling that this old pedal has been worked on a number of times by different people over the years. The work appears to be repairs and no real mods. I see these Wah+Fuzz pedals online and things are not lining up with ours.

The demos on youtube show that this pedal does wah then adds fuzz for a pretty cool fuzz that is modulated by the wah sound. When the fuzz is not on, the pedal is pure wah---You can't shut the wah off. I'm starting to suspect somebody modified this pedal by adding a foot switch to bypass the wah effect or this was a later version that had the bypass from the factory.

Fuzz+Wah Fuzz+Wah Fuzz+Wah Fuzz+Wah

DiscoFreq's Effects database has a number of colorsound wah pedals. I looked at the Wah+Fuzz examples in the database. None of the Wah+Fuzz I have seen have the dual foot switches like this pedal. Both footswitches in this pedal have the factory Arrow foot switches. This makes it a bit puzzling. The wah pedal case looks to be factory. The holes for the foot switches look factory. But, It was turning out difficult to find another example of a Wah+Fuzz with this type of case.

This is a nice closeup of the factory holes in the toe position. You can also see the damaged input connector.

Closeup of the factory hole in the heel position.

I found this unit on ebay and it seems to be the model we have. This is a later Wah+Fuzz. And, as expected the heel switch is a bypass for the whole unit. The wah stays on and the toe switch engages and disengages the fuzz.

We were able to positively identify our Colorsound Wah+Fuzz. This is a later unit with a bypass in the heel position and the fuzz engage in the toe position. It turned out to be a factory design with just repairs and no mods that I can tell. I have not been able to find a schematic for this particular unit. We just have to figure out the wiring for ourselves based on the photo I found and the unit itself. We still have to deal with the broken inductor and broken foot switches. Next time, we have to figure out what components to use for the replacement and how do we really want to wire it...

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