Colorsound Wah+Fuzz New Parts - 3

Posted by Jim Black on 10/30/2015 to Bust Em Out

I need to find some new parts for this pedal so I started looking on line. I found out immediately that the Arrow of England footswitches were no longer in production and are highly prized and sought after. I'm not sure why these switches are so prized. It is just a DPDT switch. I suppose people want what they can't have. Good thing we don't need to restore this to factory specs. We just need to get it working.

Wah+Fuzz Wah+Fuzz Wah+Fuzz Wah+Fuzz

The heel switch is not much better. It is working, but I don't think it is going to run much longer. These switches have very long shafts. It has to be long to get through the body and treadle.





I decided to go with carling switches as shown on the left. This company has been around a long time and has proven products for our application. The switch shown is a brute. Carling has been used in fender amps and many difference stomp boxes. They aren't cheap but they will work forever and we are trying to build this for practical every day use. I picked up two UPC/EAN: 609722135672 from the folks at Amplified Parts. I will save all the replaced components and return them to Greg. A future buyer may want the old parts. We can at least prove the components needed to be replaced.



This is a DC input jack. The jack supports the standard 2.1mm center ground DC power common to many pedal boards. The pedal is powered by the internal battery when the 2.1mm jack is not plugged in.



The wire in the pedal is very brittle and I've already found a couple of broken connections. One was to the output jack and the other from the input jack. I'm going to go with standard 24AWG wire for this project. I have about 6 colors in stock. I'll try to match the colors that are already in the box.



I decided to tell the story of the inductor and a search for a replacement until next time. I mentioned before a previous repair led to the inductor lead breaking off and giving us a challenging repair. Read the next article to find out what happened...

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