Pusher Man Boost
Pusher Man Boost

Pusher Man Boost

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This project is an adaptation of an early 1970's electro~harmonics LPB-1.
The Linear Power Booster (LPB-1) is a handy clean boost when you have a single channel amplifier and you need that extra kick for your solo. It is also used for driving longer cable lengths or recovering signal loss after running through a long effects chain.
A BC239 silicon transistor is at the heart of this project. The circuit featured is a classic voltage divider bias.
This project is aimed at builders wanting to improve their soldering skills.
Enclosure dimensions 2.30"W x 4.30"H x 1.06"D, 1590B
True BypassInput Impedance 60Kohms
2.1mm 9VDC Center Ground   Output Impedance 10Kohms
High Quality FR4 PCBCurrent Draw [email protected]

Download Pusher Man
Assembly Instructions (pdf, 1.5mb

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