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This is an Ampeg Scrambler 2005 reissue version of the bass player’s penultimate fuzz gun. Original Scramblers are rare. Only 2,500 were made in the 1969 first issue and go for $1000 or more. The 2005 reissue was updated with modern features and added functions. It is said that the 2005 reissue is a better Scrambler than the original. RetroTone® offers this clone as a faithful reproduction of the original 1969 design. We embrace the mojo of the original transistors and add minimal modern modifications. The design continues to delight users with its wide tonal possibilities. Mod options with optional diodes have been provided by RetroTone® in this kit for nearly endless tone possibilities. The heart of this clone is the BC169B with 2N5309 high gain transistors to produce out of control distortion and blazing octave effects. RetroTone® offers you this kit as our take on this rare bird..
Enclosure dimensions 2.30"W x 4.30"H x 1.06"D, 1590B
True bypassInput Impedance 1Mohms
2.1mm 9VDC Center Ground   Output Impedance 2Kohms
High Quality FR4 PCBCurrent Draw [email protected]

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Assembly Instructions (pdf, 2.4mb)

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