Snoddy and Hobbs Fuzz
Snoddy and Hobbs Fuzz

Snoddy and Hobbs Fuzz

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This project is an adaptation of the famous Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1A.
What is Snoddy and Hobbs? This kit is named in homage for the two names that appear on the US Patent for the fuzz tone---Glenn Snoddy and Revis Hobbs. Glenn Snoddy was a recording engineer working in Nashville at the Quanset Hut. Revis Hobbs was an electrical engineer working in Nashville for WSN radio.
A trio of 2n2614 germanium transistors are at the heart of this project. The circuit is a classic three stage fuzz. This effect gave the 60's it's signature warm, sputtering fuzz sound.
This project is aimed at builders ready to go to the next level and challenge their skills.
Enclosure dimensions 2.30"H x 4.30"W x 1.06"D, 1590B
True BypassInput Impedance 600Kohms
2.1mm 9VDC Center Ground   Output Impedance 10Kohms
High Quality FR4 PCBCurrent Draw [email protected]

Download Snoddy and Hobbs
Assembly Instructions (pdf, 1.8mb)

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