Switchfoot Guitar Selector
Switchfoot Two In - One Out

Switchfoot Guitar Selector

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This project allows you to switch between two different guitars driving one amp. One guitar is active at a time.

This is the perfect kit for builders just starting out.

This project introduces component identification, soldering skills and mechanical assembly skills. The detailed instructions present all the essential skills to complete a successful build.

Skills and Knowledge You Will Learn With This Project
  • Stripping Wire
  • Tinning Wire
  • Circuit Analysis
  • DC Voltage Switching
Enclosure dimensions 2.30" x 4.30" x 1.06" depth
High quality Switchcraft connectors
Multi colored wire highlights the type of signals.
Dual color R/G LED
No active components in the signal path

Download Switchfoot2i1o
Assembly Instructions (pdf, 2mb)

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