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Posted by Jim Black on 5/25/2014 to Announcements

Welcome to the RetroTone® online store. We have been working very hard to bring together knowledge, skills, supplies and services for you--the pedal builder.  

We specialize in resurrecting old school effects. There a million schematics on the web that document the classics. We don't just blindly grab the schematic and build a kit. We obtain the original pedal and do our own reverse engineering and testing. We scour the landscape for workable solutions for the parts. All the while, remembering that tone rules above all else.

We realize that many folks may not have the resources or skills to do all the purchasing and engineering. That is why we do to do it for you. You are the ones who will benefit from our labor of love and the search for tone.

In the coming months, We will be releasing versions of some of the classic fuzz pedals of the 60s and 70s.

The products offered at this time are production quality versions of prototyping platforms that I designed for my own use. This is the Bare Metal 1590B, Bare Metal 1590N1 and Bare Metal 1590BB. These are standard stomp box sizes we all have used many times.

I was building effects with stripboards for my own enjoyment and once in a while for friends. I got really tired of wiring the footswitch, battery/power circuit, input/output and the LED---over and over and over. It always took more time than I wanted and was always fraught with mistakes.

Engineers are inherently lazy. We always look for ways to do things faster and easier. To this end, I came up with the Bare Metal 15xx series. Now you can enjoy the fruits of my effort.

Have a look around the website. We will be adding lots of content and projects over the next year.

All comments, critiques and ideas are always welcome. Let us know if there is anything you would like to see in the How To section. 

Next time, The Douglas County Guitar Show.

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